The seminar covered topics such as natural resource management, climate change, security, and others. The aim of the event was to explore in-depth the links between the environment, climate change, national security, and international relations. The participants sought to understand how environmental challenges go beyond the territorial security of nation-states and impact global dynamics.


The discussion brought together experts, researchers, and students in the field of environment and national security to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead. The list of panelists included, among others:

  • Dr. Yan Vaslavskiy, RC37 Chair, Associate Professor, MSU University and MGIMO University. Dr. Vaslavskiy presented his paper "The role of human centrism and ESG strategies in the evolution of modern socio-economic systems".
  • Prof. Anessa Kimball, Université Laval. Prof. Kimball presented her paper “NATO/environmental policies in the national security process”.
  • Mr. Claude Laferrière, Université de Montréal, Mr. Laferrière presented his paper “US/Canada National security law”.
  • Mrs. Luz-Marina Cabrera-Suarez, Université Laval. Mrs. Cabrera-Suarez presented her paper "The context of codéveloppement (Knowledge Building Theory), essential to climate justice and a lever for improving international relations".