__Chair: Professor Zillur R. Khan, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, USA.

zillurrkhan@hotmail.com Secretary-Treasurer: Professor Mark Farha, Georgetown University, USA, markfarha2@gmail.com Advisor: Professor Brij Khare, Professor Emeritus, California State University, USA, satibaba1@bellsouth.net Representatives: Lt. General(Rtd.) Aminul Karim ( Bangladesh) mdaminulkarim@yahoo.com , Professor Yan Vaslavsky (Russia), vaslavsky@yandex.ru) , Professor Shushma Yadav (India), sushma_iipa@yahoo.co.in Ms. Amna Yousaf Khokhar (Pakistan), amna.yousaf@gmail.com

  • 2# __Objectives:

--To seek to refine the analytical and theoretical tools which are used in the study of political development. --To acquire empirical understanding of the realities of the development process. --To include a cross-cultural perspective on the basis that different societies have come through a myriad of historical and cultural experiences, which have vitally influenced their own development. --To develop workable frameworks within which power relations impacting different dimensions of development, particularly politico-economic development can be evaluated for both theoretical and policy making purposes. --To explore philosophical basis of development and how varied ideologies affect the process and pace of development.

In short, the plea and focus of this Research Committee of International Political Science Association is to recognize a much greater degree of developmental pluralism than was ever acknowledged by scholars.