During a stop in Moscow Dr. Khan and Russian representative at RC37 Dr. Yan Vaslavskiy, simultaneously Deputy Head of the Executive Directorate of Global Policy Forum, held a meeting at which future plans and projects of the RC 37 were discussed. The parties came to the conclusion that the RC should take into account the main intellectual outcomes of the 2010 Global Policy Forum "The Modern State: Standards of Democracy and Criteria of Efficiency" for the preparation for future RC 37 workshops as well as for sessions to be proposed for the 2012 Madrid World Congress, since the agenda of the Forum in many ways and dimensions coincides with the key directions of research systematically conducted by the Committee. The central idea uniting the Forum and RC37 research activity on rethinking political development is the idea of justice in politics and international relations.

One of the main results of the meeting of Dr. Khan and Dr. Vaslavskiy was a clearer vision of the workshop that is to be held in Orlando, US, in November, 2011. The workshop is supposed to serve for the RC37 as a preparatory meeting and agenda-setting point prior to the Madrid Congress. The parties are aimed at holding more working meetings before the RC37 workshop in Orlando, with one of them supposedly to take place during the 2011 Global Policy Forum.

They also discussed the feasibility of organizing two more workshops, one in early 2012 on Rethinking Political Development from the Perspective of Green Energy in 212 and Leadership in 213. Efforts will be made to offer one or more joint sessions organized by RC 37 in collaboration with other RCs, such as the one on Political Elites for the Madrid Congress. Finally, based on Dr. Vaslavskiy’s conversation with Professor Dr. Oxana of RC 2: Political Elites, it was decided that Dr. Khan on behalf of RC 37, which he chairs, and RC 2 represented by Professor Oxana, will propose a Joint Workshop on Rethinking Political Development: Multifaceted Role of Elites for IPSA funding. If approved the said workshop will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA, on November 7, 2011.