Dear Participants of Dhaka IPSA Regional Workshop/Conference, Please accept my belated appreciation for making the IPSA Regional Conference in Bangladesh, Feb. 1-2, 2014, a success. It could not have happened without your commitment to take active part in the Workshop and engaging in thoughtful deliberations. I applaud Drs. Zaidi Sattar, Sadiq Ahmed and Ahsan Mansur of Policy Research Institute, and Ambassadors Farooq Sobhan and Humayun Kabir of Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, for jointly hosting the Workshop on behalf of their Institutes. And I deeply appreciate the warmth and hospitality of Ambassador Rashed Ahmed and Mrs. Nilufer Ahmed for a sumptuous Dinner in their home for all participants after a demanding 7 hr. Workshop from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on February 1, 2014. I give a special vote of thanks to paper presenters from abroad: Professor and Dr. Theodore Wright, Professor Emeritus of SUNY and his physician wife; Professor Mark Farha of Georgetown University; Professor Yan Vaslavskiy of Moscow State University (Institute of International Relations); Professor C.P. Barthwal, Former Vice Chancellor, Kumaun University, India; Dr. Tazeen Murshid, Center for Development Research and Cooperation, Belgium; Ms. Rana Tiwari of Rana Tiwari Law Offices, USA; Professor Upendra Choudhury of Aligarh Muslim University, India; Mr. Hassan Mneimneh of German Marshall Fund, USA, and Doctoral Candidate Abdul Gaffar of JN University, India. I thank the IPSA Travel Grants Committee for supporting Inter-World Congress Workshops/Conferences organized by my Research Committee in 2007 (Bangladesh), 2010(Bangladesh), 2011(USA) and 2014(Bangladesh). Thank you Ms. Claude Berlinguette (Asst. to the Secretary General, IPSA) for easing the partial travel grants process for the last Workshop/Regional Conference in Dhaka.

I heartily thank a number of current and former public policy makers/implementers of Bangladesh who made time to participate in the inaugural and concluding sessions of the Workshop. I am particularly thankful to Professor Rehman Sobhan, founder of the Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD) and former Economic Adviser of Interim Government of Bangladesh, and Honorable Dr. Mashiur Rahman, Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, who respectively inaugurated the 1st and 2nd Day of Dhaka IPSA Workshop. Thanks to Ambassador Rashed Ahmed, former UN Chief of Mission in Kosovo, for an insightful review of my keynote paper. My special thanks to Ambassador Farooq Sobhan for chairing the inaugural session of the Dhaka IPSA Workshop, and my former student, Ambassador Humayun Kabir, who made me proud about the way he chaired the concluding panel of the two-day IPSA Workshop. I am thankful to Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelley, Chairman, Center for Development Research-Bangladesh (CDRB), who has been a Cabinet Member in charge of Information of the Government of Bangladesh, for chairing a panel on Political-Territorial Identity and Political Development at the Two-Day Dhaka IPSA Regional Workshop/Conference. I am particularly thankful to my old friend, Mr. Enam Ahmed Choudhury, Advisor to the former Leader of Opposition (former Chair of Privatization Commission with the rank of cabinet member), to serve on the Roundtable titled Social Evaluation of Democracy: The Consensus Building Process, so ably moderated by Dr. Meghna Guhathakurta, Executive Director of Research Initiative-Bangladesh (RIB). Dr. Tazeen Murshid of Center for Development Research and Cooperation, Belgium, and Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar of SHUJON enriched the Roundtable with their thought provoking ideas.

Finally, papers and commentaries presented by local participants, such as Dr. Ameena Mohsin, Ms. Maneeza Hossain, Mr. Masud Khan and Barrister Anita Ghazi provided a sound base of the IPSA Workshop/Regional Conference in Dhaka during February 1-2, 2014. Last but not the least; I thank Faiz Sobhan for helping international participants with the VISA process. Nazim, Zeenat, Shantila, Mijan and Tahera, I do appreciate your help with logistics for the Workshop.

Dr. Zillur R. Khan Chair, RC 37, IPSA ( Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin and Adjunct Professor, Rollins College, USA Distinguished Fellow, Policy Research Institute (PRI), Bangladesh President, Bangladesh Foundation, USA (